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CCTV is the premier way of protecting your home and family. It’s also one of the cheapest.

As both a deterrent and a tool to help capture and convict criminals intent on taking your property, CCTV in Nottingham is now and essential tool for all homeowners. If you’re serious about security, it’s time you seriously started thinking about close circuit television for your Nottingham home.

What Type of CCTV Systems Can You Install?

Our Nottingham CCTV experts can supply and install the full range of CCTV systems. We don’t just sell any CCTV system though, we supply you with the system that is right for YOU. Our FREE CCTV surveys in Nottingham are really popular and are perfect if you don’t know what type of system you need or will be effective. We’ll take into account your needs, situation and type of property and come up with the best system for your budget.

We can supply various types of CCTV system including:

  • Wired
  • Wireless

We can also supply a wide range of cameras depending upon your situation and needs:

  • Bullet Cameras
  • Zoom Cameras
  • Infra Red Cameras
  • Box Cameras
  • Dome CCTV Cameras

We’ll also take into account a whole range of other issues including:

  • The type of resolution your CCTV cameras will need. WIll you need ultra high res definition images or will a lesser resolution be suitable?
  • Viewing and storage facilities - How do you intend to view and store your CCTV recordings?
  • Deterrent or crime recording - Do you want highly visible cameras to dissuade potential burglars or would you prefer to have something a bit more subtle and less obvious?


Our Nottingham CCTV Experts Are Waiting To Help You

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