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Is your business utilising CCTV? Business CCTV is the biggest growth area of the CCTV industry and more and more businesses and organisations are realising the benefits of installing CCTV and reaping the rewards that it can bring. Increasing security, preventing thefts and protecting your business from malicious legal claims, installing CCTV in your business is not a cost, it represents one of the best investments that you will ever make. Once the system is installed, it has low maintenance costs and will pay back your intent many times over during the course of its life.

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CCTV can be used in business in a variety of ways including:

  • Access Control Points – Do you want to see who is coming and going in and out of your business premises? CCTV with Access Control Points can provide essential security to your business, its staff, clients and customers.
  • Theft Prevention – Visible CCTV cameras can prevent both customer and staff theft and save your business significant amounts of money.
  • Health and Safety – Health and safety is as important as ever in business and CCTV cameras can help to ensure people adhere to policies. If an accident does take place, it can provide vital evidence to defend a claim.

The Benefits Of Installing CCTV for Business

Prevention of Theft

Whether you are looking at protecting stock from being stolen by thieves posing as customers or you are looking at decreasing equipment or stock losses from dishonest staff, CCTV solutions allow business owners to monitor their site in real time and record any potential thefts. Footage can be stored and reviewed at a later date too. The other benefit when it comes to theft is that the very presence of CCTV can significantly prevent thefts in the workplace.

Security Savings

If you rely heavily on security staff to protect your business, the greater use of CCTV for your business can save you significant man hours and therefore costs. Although it may not replace the need entirely for security staff (although in some instances it can), many business could easily halve their security spend on security if not more by the clever use of CCTV cameras.

Evidence for Claims

Using CCTV in your business can help you protect you from fraudulent claims by enabling you to refer to video evidence for any disputed incidents. For example, fitting CCTV to your business vehicles can prevent them being wrongly accused of  damaging other vehicles or shop floor and retail environments can provide vital support and evidence in defending compensation claims.

Business CCTV is one of the best investments any organisation can make. If you want to discuss how CCTV can help protect your business, call us on 024 7695 0180 or complete our contact form.

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