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FAQ: Do you service or repair CCTV

Midlands CCTV will carry out a survey on your CCTV system to see whether or not it is possible or practicle to repair your system.
We will quote for these repairs based on a fixed call out charge and a fixed hourly rate.

We at Midlands CCTV will also service your equipment on the same basis.
Midlands CCTV also offer a
FIXED ANNUAL SERVICE AND MAINTAINENCE CONTRACT which we will be happy to quote you for.

FAQ: What Happens if your CCTV Equipment breaks down ?

As all cameras, monitors,video and digital recording equipment sourced by Midlands CCTV are from the most reputable companies,it is rare that breakdowns occur.

But should your equipment breakdown we operate a call out within 24 hours.
All our service engineers carry spares,which enable them to effect the majority of repairs on their first visit .

FAQ: When can Midlands CCTV Install Your System ?

A representative from Midlands CCTV will call to your site or premises to discuss your requirements with you.
We will recommend the best possible solution to suit your requirements.

Following a survey by our representative and a senior engineer,Midlands CCTV will produce a quotation and an agreement for you.
Having agreed terms and conditions installation will commence within 14 days.

Note. Should installation be required immediately for security reasons Midlands CCTV will endeavour to meet your requirements.