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CCTV being looked at after Walsall house burglary

Newly-married wife left devastated afer thieves steal wedding photos – CCTV from the area to be checked

A newly-married wife and her husband have been left devastated after thieves broke into their wedding photographer’s Walsall home and stole their wedding photos.

Mrs Amy Blount has been left with only one photo from their big day, which the photographer, Mr Greg Cooper had sent to them.

Amy and Christopher’s photographer for their wedding day, Mr Cooper, was preparing their wedding photos to send to them following their big day which was on Saturday, January 14, at Holy Trinity Church, in Lickey.

However, his home on Somerset Road was broken into at the beginning of February and the thieves stole a number of items from the property, including the memory card with the couple’s wedding photos on, a Canon EOS 600D camera plus accessories and an Apple Mac computer.

Mrs Blount is devastated at losing memories from the best day of her life, which she was looking forward to keeping forever.

She is hoping that the photos are recovered, as it would mean so much to them both.

The burglary occurred on Thursday, February 2, sometime between 9.30am and 8.50pm on Somerset Road. It’s believed that the thieves gained entry by forcing their way in through the back door of Mr Cooper’s property.

A spokesperson for West Midlands Police has confirmed that officers have carried out house-to-house enquiries and CCTV from the area will be looked at as part of their investigation.

So far, no one has been arrested and police are urging anyone with information about the break-in to call 101.


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CCTV appeal following house burglary in Newport

Police looking to neighbour’s who have CCTV cameras installed for help

A burglary at a house in Newport is being investigated and detectives from Telford police station are appealing for any witnesses to come forward and for any residents in the area that have CCTV cameras installed to contact them.

The property which was targeted by thieves was in the Station Court area of the town.

The incident happened sometime between 5pm on Monday, January 16 and 4pm the next day, however the enquiries carried out so far seem to suggest the break-in occurred when it was dark.

Officers from CID have gone around the cul-de-sac carrying out house to house enquiries. They are urging anyone who might have seen someone acting suspiciously around the time of the incident to come forward.

Anyone who may have noticed a vehicle, or vehicles hanging around the area before, or around the time of the break-in, are also asked to call the police and report what they saw.

CID officers are also asking for any residents around the area of Station Road or Station Court, to contact them if they have CCTV cameras installed at their property, as CCTV footage could help them to identify those responsible for the break-in.

Officers are urging anyone with information to come forward and for residents in the area to contact them if they do see anything suspicious on their CCTV recordings from around the time of the incident, which could help the police with their investigation.

You can contact DC Benjamin or DC Morgan and Telford CID on 101, or you can call Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

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New CCTV on West Midlands buses helps catch troublemakers already

CCTV cameras installed on buses in the West Midlands to help tackle crime and anti-social behaviour

New state-of-the-art CCTV units have been installed on some of the buses belonging to National Express West Midlands.

The new smart technology enables the Safer Travel police team to look at live CCTV images on buses with the equipment installed, allowing the team to view crime and anti-social behaviour as it happens, so they can act accordingly.

CCTV images/footage checked from some of the buses, has already produced positive results, with a 75% success rate revealed in being able to identify offenders.

CCTV cameras have been installed on buses in the West Midlands to help tackle crime and anti-social behaviour

New CCTV units on National Express West Midlands buses catch out troublemakers already © Copyright Stephen McKay and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence


The new 4G Vemotion CCTV units were trialled successfully on the BBC’s Crimewatch Roadshow in 2016.

During the trials, a pickpocket on the top deck of a National Express West Midlands bus was caught live on camera, which led to a rapid response unit being deployed via the Safer Travel control room.

The thief was arrested without even knowing they’d been caught committing a crime.

Any incidents of crime, or anti-social behaviour on a National Express West Midlands bus can now be reported by passengers, by simply using the ‘See Something, Say Something’ service. Passengers can report a crime whilst on the bus by texting ‘bus’ to 83010, which then enables them to pass on details regarding the incident, such as date, time, location and the route number of the bus.

Such reports will help to build data, allowing police officers to tackle crime hotspots more easily.

“We use the information to look at hotspot routes, or areas that we can target with the new 4G Vemotion units,” said Inspector Rachel Crump, policing lead for the Safer Travel Partnership.

Incidents of crime on public transport in the West Midlands has fallen by 70% over the past eight years.

The number of recorded crimes on the buses from 1 April 2015 to 31 March 2016 was 2,755 – 6% down on the previous year when the figure stood at 2,930.

Data last released by Transport Focus found that 78% of passengers felt safe travelling on National Express buses in the West Midlands, up 6% since 2012.

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CCTV image of suspect captured after Coventry test drive carjacking

Second such incident in two days involving car salesmen being locked out of test drive car


Another test drive carjacking incident has occurred, this time to a car salesman in Coventry, who was left shaken up after being locked out of the car he was out in with a supposed potential customer.

Only two days previous, a car salesman in Wolvey, Warwickshire, was left with life-changing injuries after the customer he took for a test drive decided to lock him out of the car, then mowed down the salesman and dragged him 10 metres down the road.

In Coventry, a BMW 5 Series was stolen when a car salesman from a garage in Fletchampstead Highway, Tile Hill, took out a supposed potential customer for a test drive.

CCTV image of a suspect captured after test drive carjacking in Coventry

CCTV image of a suspect captured after test drive carjacking on Torrington Avenue, Tile Hill, Coventry © Copyright John Brightley and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence


The salesman got out of the car to swap over with the customer, who then chose to lock the salesman out of the vehicle before driving off.

CCTV images have been captured by the garage of a man they think might have helpful information regarding the theft of the test drive vehicle and is being passed over to the police in the hope it may lead to an arrest.

This latest test drive car theft occurred on Wednesday, January 18 at around 3.30pm on Torrington Avenue, Tile Hill in Coventry.

The police are now investigating the car theft, which is thought to have involved a man posing as a possible buyer.

Anyone with information, or who might recognise the man from the CCTV images once released by the police, are urged to contact 101, quoting Crime Reference Number 20CV/ 12686T/17.

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Man in Lincoln suffering from seizure has bike stolen – CCTV checked

CCTV footage being looked at to try and identify the shameless thief

An appeal for help has been requested by Lincolnshire Police following the theft of a man’s bicycle as he was suffering from a medical episode. CCTV footage is now being looked at as part of the investigation.

The incident occurred on the High Street in Lincoln, on Tuesday, January 10 at around 5.30pm, at the junction with Tentercroft Street.

The victim was suffering from a seizure at the time of the theft. When he’d recovered from the seizure, he noticed that his bicycle had been stolen.

The victim’s bike has been described as a Carrera Vulcan, with a colour combination of orange with yellow stripes and is said to be very distinctive.

The City Centre Inspector from Lincolnshire Police, Inspector Pat Coates, said he couldn’t believe that this had really happened.

“Someone has really stooped low to steal a bike from a rider who is suffering a medical episode,” said Inspector Coates.

Lincolnshire Police are urging members of the public to come forward with any information they might have in connection with the incident, in which a vulnerable man was taking advantage of whilst suffering from a seizure.

CCTV footage from around the scene of the crime is now being looked at, in the hope officers will be able to identify the shameless thief who stole the bicycle.

The police are appealing for anyone who might be offered the distinctive orange bicycle for sale to come forward.

Lincolnshire Police are asking for anyone with information about the theft to call them on 101.

The victim was already having a tough day when his bicycle was stolen from him in such a cowardly and distasteful way. Please get in touch if you can help.

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Break-in at Walsall engineering business caught on CCTV

CCTV footage released by the firm after thieves broke into the premises

An engineering firm in Walsall have released CCTV footage after a break-in at their business premises.

EWL Engineering Ltd, on Hall Lane, Walsall Wood, were broken into on Saturday, December 17, at around 10pm. The thieves gained entry to the building through a metal shutter by using what they think was a hammer. The two men also kicked one of the doors in at the premises.

Break-in at Walsall engineering business caught on CCTV

Break-in at Walsall engineering business caught on CCTV © Copyright Jurek and Trish Sienkiewicz and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence


The pair scoured the building, turning the office inside out but left with nothing after noticing CCTV cameras, which they attempted to smash up.

The engineering company had CCTV cameras installed at the business recently due to a previous break-in.

In October 2016, the business was broken into by four thieves who managed to get away with thousands of pounds worth of stock, including engines and motocross bikes, so the business owners tightened up security at the premises with the installation of a new CCTV system, as well as other new security measures.

No arrests were ever made after the first break-in and the thieves caused over £20,000 worth of damage to the building’s roof.

Upon seeing the CCTV cameras, the thieves tried to smash the cameras but only managed to push them into the roof, so they ran off empty-handed, pulling down the broken shutters as they left.

The company also had new sensors installed at the premises, which sets off an alarm when one is triggered and alerts the police immediately.

When the police arrived, the shutters had been pulled back down and no sign of a break-in was clearly visible.

One of the suspects was described as having rather distinctive facial features, so the police are hoping someone will recognise him from the CCTV footage, along with his accomplice.

Anyone with information is being urged to contact West Midlands Police on 101.

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A Brief History Of the Home CCTV Security System

When was it invented and by whom?

An African-American woman by the name of Marie Van Brittan Brown (1922-1999), was the person who invented the first ever home CCTV security system, with the help of her husband Albert Brown.

Marie was born in Queens, New York on October 30, 1922 and became a nurse. Her husband Albert was an electronics technician.

She worked odd hours as a nurse, which left her alone at home quite often and this had a huge impact on her. She began to feel anxious and worried about being inside the house on her own, plus crime was on the increase in the neighbourhood and the police were not responding to victim’s of crime very quickly.

This left Maria and some of the other residents in the area feeling even more vulnerable.

Marie was so concerned she began work on a new invention with her husband Albert.

One of Marie’s biggest fears at home alone was having to answer the door not knowing who was knocking, so she and her husband began work on the first ever home security system.

The new system consisted of a monitorized camera that was attached to a cabinet and then fixed onto the front door. The camera had four viewing peep holes and was able to slide up and down.

Through the top hole you could see if someone tall was at the door, the bottom would show that is was a small child and through the middle two it was any one in between sizes.

The views from the camera could then be looked at via a monitor and could even hear the voice of the caller. The resident could then unlock the door using a remote control if the person knocking was someone they wanted to see.

Marie and Albert also included an alarm button which enabled the resident to contact the police if you felt scared or worried.

The couple applied for a patent in 1966 and it was granted on December 2, 1969.

Marie was presented with an award for her invention from the National Scientists Committee (NSC).

The new CCTV security system was so effective that even businesses began to use Marie’s new invention to help propect their premises.

Thanks to Marie and her husband’s smart invention, homes and businesses throughout the world are able to protect what’s theirs using CCTV technology.

Marie Van Brittan Brown died aged 76, in Queens, New York on February 2, 1999. Marie and Albert had two children, one of which followed in her parent’s footsteps by becoming an inventor herself.

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Two separate crimes in the Midlands caught on CCTV

Supermarket security guard assault in Coalville – CCTV images released

CCTV images have been released by the police of two men they would like to speak to in connection to an assault on a supermarket security guard in Coalville.

The security guard works at the Morrisons supermarket on Whitwick Road, in Coalville and was assaulted on Sunday, November 6, not long after the store had closed at 4pm.

Two crimes over the festive season in the Midlands caught on CCTV

A Morrisons supermarket – the assault took place at a Morrisons supermarket in Coalville © Copyright Gordon McKinlay and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence


Leicestershire Police said in a statement that the security guard was standing in the store’s lobby when two males walked into the store after it had closed. They were asked to leave the store and assaulted the security guard, who luckily wasn’t injured during the attack.

Anyone with information, or who might recognise the two men from the CCTV images, is asked to contact PC James Highton on 101.


CCTV images released after stolen bank card used at a jewellers in Coventry

CCTV images have been released by police of a man they would like to trace after a stolen bank card was used to try and purchase items at a jewellers in Coventry.

The bank card used by the man was stolen sometime between Tuesday, December 6 and Friday, December 16 from an elderly woman in Rugby.

The card was used on Friday, December 16 to purchase goods at a Currys store in Rugby at around 5.25pm and was then used again but declined the day after at the Mercia Jewellery shop in Bull Yard, in the city centre.

The stolen bank card has since been blocked and confiscated by a cash machine.

Anyone with information, or who might recognise the man in the CCTV image, is asked to call Warwickshire Police on 101, quoting incident 197 of December 17, or you can contact Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

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‘Turn yourself in or CCTV released’ – Leicestershire Police

Ambulance defibrillator thief urged to hand himself in before CCTV footage is released

Leicestershire Police are urging the thief who stole a defibrillator from an ambulance to hand himself in, before the police release CCTV footage of the suspect and thus asking for the public’s help in tracing him.

The defibrillator was stolen from an ambulance whilst paramedics were helping a patient in Hinckley town centre.

'Turn yourself in or CCTV will be released' - Leicestershire Police

Ambulance defibrillator stolen then abandoned, damaged in Hinckley, Leicester
© Copyright David Hawgood and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence


The theft took place on Sunday, December 4, at around 4am. Leicestershire police said the unit was discovered abandoned and damaged hours after the theft had took place, in a car park close by.

CCTV footage has been scrutinised by police officers, who confirmed on Saturday, December 17, that a clear image has been found of the male suspect.

The image is now going through the process of release but police are appealing for the thief to turn himself in before they release the images to members of the public.

On Saturday, December 17, Sgt Michael Francis Lang, of Hinckley Police, posted this message on Facebook: “Folks, we do have a picture, we recovered it less than an hour ago.”

Back in September, another ambulance was targeted as paramedics were seeing to a patient on Narborough Road, Leicester. An East Midlands Ambulance Emergency Service vehicle was targeted by vandals, who emptied a full wheelie bin of rubbish into the ambulance’s cabin making a real mess.

Another vehicle had to attend the scene of the crime and take the patient to hospital. The vandalised ambulance had to be pulled from service to be cleaned thoroughly.

Police are urging the ambulance defibrillator thief to come forward before the CCTV footage is release to the public – he can contact PC Clive Clarke on 101.

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CCTV footage checked after Coventry jewellers shop raid

Police are looking through CCTV footage from around the scene of the crime for more information

CCTV footage from around the scene of a crime is being looked at by police, after reports of a break-in at a jewellers store in Coventry city centre, in which over £100,000 worth of jewellery was stolen.

The jewellery store was broken into by smash-and-grab thieves in the early hours of Tuesday morning around 3.35am, on December 6.

A number of jewellery items were taken in the raid at Olivers Jewellers, in Shelton Square, Coventry, including a diamond bracelet, rings and gold chains. The thieves managed to break in through the stores security gates at the back of the premises.

CCTV footage being checked after Coventry jewellers shop raid

Shelton Square, Coventry where the jewellery shop robbery took place
© Copyright Anthony Vosper and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence


CCTV from the area is now being looked through by West Midlands Police in the hope of gaining some important information.

Staff from the jewellers are even willing to put up ‘a substantial reward’ for any information that could lead to them getting the stolen jewellery back.

A spokesman for the police said that the offenders managed to gain access to the store and made off with a sizeable amount of jewellery.

He added that officers are now looking at CCTV footage from around the area of the raid and anyone with information can contact the police on 101.

Shannon Dolan, from Olivers Jewellers, said the thieves broke in during the early hours via the back door, even managing to get the steel security gate off. The thieves then grabbed around £10,000 worth of jewellery, including rings, bangles, earrings, gold chains and diamond bracelets before fleeing the store.

CCTV from the jewellers has been handed to the police and a substantial reward is being offered for information that may lead to the return of the stolen jewellery.

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