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Dome CCTV CameraThere are several different types of CCTV cameras and it is important to understand them all to make sure you get the right one for your needs. Different cameras suit different uses and situations which means regardless of how much you spend on a system or how sophisticated and technologically advanced it is, if you’ve got the wrong cameras chances are it won’t function as well as it should and could even render it completely useless.

Bullet Cameras

These are also known as traditional day/night cameras and are the most common form of CCTV camera that you will see. This Is thanks to the fact that they are very flexible and can be mounted either inside or outside and work both in the daytime and at night thanks to them incorporating infrared illumination.

Whereas some more hi-tech CCTV cameras may outperform bullet cameras in certain areas, there’s very little to compete with them in terms of pure value and flexibility Because they are immensely popular, they are easily spotted which makes them useless at covert recording but makes them a great choice if you’re looking for a camera that will deter potential burglars.

Box Cameras

These general cameras are the traditional type of CCTV camera that you might see although they are now being rapidly replaced by more noder bullet cameras. They are the cheapest CCTV camera that you can buy  and are a good option if you are looking for cheap CCTV cameras but for most ues there are better options out there for a similar price or not much more money.

Dome Cameras

Dome CCTV cameras are common and they are used almost exclusively indoors, most often in retail settings although they can be used in the home. They are one of the easiest types of camera to install and blend easily into the background which means they are not the best camera to to use if you want a highly visible deterrent.

Pan Tilt Cameras

Pan Tilt Cameras look like bullet cameras but have extra functionality that enables them to pan, tilt and rotate. This means that they are perfect if you want to monitor your CCTV cameras live and zoom in on any potential intruders for example. It also makes them a great idea for houses with large gardens or businesses wanting to ensure coverage of a large areas such as a car park.

There are other types of CCTV camera available and some that are hybrids of the ones mentioned above. If you are not sure of what type of camera is best for you then call us on 024 7695 0180 or complete our contact form and our specialist advisors will be able to advise you on the best type for your needs and budget.

Other Considerations

  • CCTV Camera Resolution – The higher the resolution of your cameras, the better the picture. This could be vital in identifying a burglar and getting them prosecuted.
  • Viewing and Storage – Don’t forget it’s not just about recording footage, it’s having the ability to watch it too. There are various options such as DVR, NVR and SD storage and each have their own advantages and disadvantages.
  • Connectivity – Are you going to go with a wired or wireless system.Wireless cameras are easier to install and easy to move. Wired cameras require a more intensive set up but do offer a higher level of security from interference and won’t go down if the WiFi does.

For advice on all aspects of CCTV cameras, call 024 7695 0180 or complete our contact form for a free, no obligation chat with one of our knowledgeable advisors.

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