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What Are Dome Security Cameras?

A dome security camera is a popular choice of camera, providing fantastic surveillance around any home or business premises.

Dome cameras are small, discreet and durable, with the ability to see in many directions and named as such because of their dome like shape.

Many dome cameras on the market are great for outdoor use, as well as indoor surveillance and all have the abilty to send video via an internet, or Wi-Fi connection, directly to a viewing monitor via a computer.

Dome cameras are a popular choice for indoor surveillance, especially with homeowners, as they can be positioned on a ceiling, or neatly in a hallway and tend to go unnoticed.

They are used as part of a surveillance system inside business premisies such as restaurants and retail stores, as they blend in really well with their surroundings and can cover a large area for viewing.

The dome shape of the camera makes it very difficult for a person to tell which direction the lens is actually focusing on, making them a smart choice when it comes to surveillance.

When looking at dome cameras as part of your CCTV security system, you should first decide what type of surveillance you wish to achieve, as there as so many on the market to choose from, with different features available.

If you require night vision, then you should take a look at an infrared dome camera, whereas if the area you’re looking to install the camera is vulnerable to tampering or vandalism, then you should consider going for a vandal proof dome camera.

A varifocal dome camera allows you to adjust the focal distance of the lens to just where you need it.

The right dome security camera for you depends on your specific requirements and different features exist to cover everyone’s particular needs. Your dome security camera can include a combination of features.


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